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The agency brands come to when they want their social campaigns to land headlines

If you know anything about Rise at Seven, chances are it’s because you’ve heard about us through social media. That was no accident! We have a strategy that makes sure that whatever social app you’re on, Rise at Seven is there and captures your attention. We deliver that for clients across Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, Pinterest, Instagram and more. 

With a slick content creation team and a mammoth amplification team, we offer consistent planned social campaigns and reactive strategies to help brands stand out and be seen. Want an agency that creates “PRable” social strategies – yes that’s us! 

We tie creative with search to show brands how they can not only react to trends, but create trends of their own and get more people searching for, and following, their story.  We know how to make noise, using the latest insight to get people to sit up and listen.

Where we can help

  • Showing you why your competitors are ahead OR how you can lead your space when they’re not
  • Provide roadmaps consisting of both planned and reactive campaigns 
  • Help set goals, KPIs and objectives with a slick plan to achieve them
  • A strategy to get the most out of your channels and content (and make your competitors jealous) 
  • Build PR-able social media campaigns that your target press talk about naturally
  • Offer consultancy support for one-off projects as well as retained social media services
  • Give you insight into INSTANT trends and reactive opportunities and customer behaviour in search
  • Activate our ‘heartbeat’ content, ensuring creative is always running with reactive opportunities sitting alongside bigger or longer term campaigns
  • Brand tracking and audience growth reporting

If you want help on how to get more out of your social media, are looking for an agency to create the best content or just want some support for your in house team, you know who to call. From TikTok to Twitter, we know how to grow communities and make your brand famous in search and social.

How we tackle social media and creative content

We get asked a lot – what is the secret sauce? 

Well we share snippets of that over on our YouTube series The Sauce, but it boils down to these things: insight, creative and amplification. We have teams dedicated to each specialism with a central strategist working with you to make sure it’s delivering what you want. 

We work with the best in the business to help our clients access and interpret data and insight, as well as stay up to date with industry trends and platform changes.

Alongside native data sources, we work with partners like YouGov, UnMetric and BuzzSumo to understand online audiences and any historic social media activity. We track the competitors that matter and bring fresh insight to inform every campaign.

Before we get deep into campaign or creative content development our clients get access to a social playbook, detailing how we should talk, sound, look and behave in social media across channels. This helps to guide everything we do and also ensures we take good care of your brand in the work we produce.

Every client gets access to ContentCal and a centralised content calendar, making managing content approvals super quick and easy. Reporting and reviews are commonplace so we can learn from our activity and always improve, making campaign results stronger every time.

What we’re awesome at

Putting you at the centre of trends

We have our own trends analysis tool which instantly tells us the biggest trending topics in each industry and how audiences are behaving online. We then have a dedicated reactive and newsjacking team that comes up with strategies to put you at the centre of it, from PR hooks to creative content and useful data. 

Building creative social media strategies

Our insight and data specialists will help understand you and your competitors in social, identifying new opps to inform your social media strategy. We clarify your role in social across channels, and make sure you have a framework to develop the right content and campaigns to engage your audience.

Developing social media playbooks

Once your strategy has been set, we create a social media playbook to neatly frame best in class. How your brand speaks, looks and behaves with some simple do’s and don’ts.

Reactive social media

Social media is 24/7, always on and it can feel challenging to respond to breaking trends. For retained clients, we help to identify the right opportunities, creating content that ensures you’re amongst the first to the party.

Campaigns that make your competitor jealous

We can help you launch on TikTok, refresh your Instagram or supercharge your Twitter. Whatever your objective or ambition we can build a campaign to help you win. We’ll make sure you can report on your success in a language everyone can understand.

Creative content

From micro video content to hero YouTube series, GIFs, stickers, social content, animations and more, we can help you create best in class content for social media optimised per platform.

How it will work for you

Onboarding is key. We know that social media is a very public space and want to make sure we understand your ambitions, your brand and your business.

Each project or new client has a dedicated social media lead to manage everything through the business, giving you access to the best digital strategists, creative minds and PR pros.

At project kick off, we’ll make sure we have the core team from our end to hear from YOU., We’ll agree objectives and KPIs from the start, so we have complete visibility of what you want to achieve  and our role in bringing that to life.

You’ll receive a project roadmap, a regular report to track progress and access to a central content calendar (when available).

What’s different

Big and bold ideas

Our pet peeve is ‘business as usual content’. We make sure every piece of content counts. It has an objective, a focus… and ideally it’s bold. It showcases what we do best – fresh thinking.

We get results

Getting results for social media is just as important as digital PR… in fact more so! So many brands struggle to get value out of social media often because the data is so overwhelming. We love getting hold of GA. We get excited looking at social data and analytics. We craft KPI dashboards and reports that mean something to you and your boss.

Making you most searched for brand

Objectives for social are often many and varied. From raising awareness with new audiences, to building loyal communities and increasing engagement. We make time to understand where your priorities lie. But we always, ALWAYS make sure we think about the relationship between search and social. It’s what makes us different. Can we PR a social campaign? Yes sireeeee. Can we make sure we have an impact outside of Twitter and Facebook to win you headlines? You betcha. In fact, we’ve found more and more journalists are looking for stories linked to social media data so for us it’s just like breathing.

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