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What is SEO?

If optimisation isĀ the action of making the best possible use of resourcesĀ to achieve a goal, search engine optimisation isĀ making the best use of marketing resources to help users of search engines achieve their goals. It’s that simple.

We help you take the knowledge and resources in your business and turn them into great content…and we take the marketing asset you invest in most – your website – and turn it into a fast, accessible, revenue-driving machine.

We’ve been around long enough to remember when technical SEO was a checklist of things to fix. Now, it’s a competitive advantage. We want to talk to the people who want an edge on everyone else.

What’s different?

We’re search engine neutral

Google has more than 85% of UK market share when it comes to 10 blue links…but SEO is so much more than that. Everywhere your potential customers are looking, that’s where you’ll be – from Bing to Pinterest and from DuckDuckGo to the app store.

We speak your language

We’re equally fluent in JavaScript and executive speak. WeĀ couldĀ give you best practice recommendations like everyone else. We’d rather sit with the people who know your tech stack best – and everyone who cares if this works – and find that gaps where everyone will win.

We make connections

Collectively we’ve delivered more than 100 talks in 10 countries and we’ve written for the biggest sites in the industry. Rise at Seven is one of the best connected SEO agencies in the country. We’ll help you to find the answers you’re looking for, wherever they are.

We. Are. Specialists.

We’ve sat at both sides of the table. We’ve worked for huge media agencies and small boutiques. We’ve done everything from paid media to product development for Ā£billion brands. We’ve built teams for literally every digital channel…and we take everything we’ve learned and apply it to SEO – because that’s what we love.

We won’t do anything else for our clients – but we will help them to do it for themselves. We help our clients to find and hire the best staff, freelancers and agencies to build PPC campaigns, media plans, websites and apps. We upskill in-house teams to do it themselves or manage their agencies better.

Our technical SEO expertise

JavaScript SEO

Making JavaScript websites indexable for search engines

Ecommerce SEO

Optimising the largest and most complex websites

Website migration

We replatformed 64 websites in 3 weeks once. So, yeah…

Local SEO

Increasing visibility in local search and Maps

Penalty recovery

Link audits, content audits and removal of manual actions

Link building

Link acquisition through digital PR activity

Content management

Upskilling teams on a variety of CMS – or optimising and uploading content as a service

SEO training

Technical SEO training and product development sprints


We’ve trained brands like Travelex, Cartoon Network and British Gas – and agencies including M&C Saatchi – to be better at SEO, digital PR and content marketing.

We’ve delivered training for in-house and agency marketers at industry-leading conferences including BrightonSEO.

We run standard 1 day courses, bespoke sessions and week-long sprints.

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