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Amazing things happen when

technical and creative expertise come together.


We are Rise at Seven. A specialist creative SEO agency, made in Sheffield.

We combine bigger and bolder content marketing and Digital PR strategies with industrial-strength technical SEO expertise to deliver more value than the biggest agencies in the world ever could.

We work with people who want to get a head-start on everyone else.

…who want results they can’t wait to show their boss.

…who want to work on campaigns they can’t wait to show their mum.

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Meet the founders

Carrie Rose PR Rise at Seven founder headshot

Carrie Rose

Co-founder and Creative Director

Stephen Kenwright Rise at Seven founder headshot

Stephen Kenwright

Co-founder and Technical Director


Technical SEO

SEO as a competitive advantage – not a checklist of things that need fixing.

Content marketing

The creation of creative and authoritative content which earns links naturally because it’s awesome

Digital PR

Driving authority and trust via high quality links and brand mentions online

Social media

Optimising your social media content for search whilst launching campaigns that actively increase and engage real followers.

“Carrie and Stephen’s bold and innovative approach was a huge success for us at Staveley Head.

Their search strategy and content marketing campaigns delivered award-winning results which we never thought would be possible in the competitive world of insurance. Their dedication to quality and results is second to none.”

James McManusFormer Marketing Manager at Staveley Head

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Content Marketing Executive
PR Director
SEO and CRO Executive
Digital Designer or Front-end Developer
Digital PR Executive

If you’re sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell, and want to be an expert in your field, we want to give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Here’s what we can offer you. Sound good? Get in touch.

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