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Speed is everything when it comes to reactive. And Rise at Seven are the Olympic sprinters of the marketing world.

Rise Live - Reactive Marketing Service

The first reactive marketing agency dedicated to putting brands at the centre of trending topics in less than 60 minutes.

Being the first to react to breaking news means you’re no longer just reading the headlines - you’re part of them.

Introducing: Rise Live. Our dedicated reactive marketing team will put you at the heart of all the relevant stories, making you experts in your area and ensuring the world is talking about you.

Whether it’s reactive PR, social media, on-trend content or TikTok videos, we’ll make breaking news your playground and turn every headline into an opportunity for growth.

We even have a dedicated tool to get you ahead of the game. Early Risers alerts us to every trending story, search interest or social media moment that is on topic for our clients, letting us jump on them before anyone else. When you work with us, we don’t just react to news that’s happening - we react to news the world doesn’t even know about yet. Can we predict the future?

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Brands that wait for an opportunity get left behind. That's why Rise Live ensures you’re always one step ahead, reacting first to breaking news and trends in a way that puts you at the heart of the story and makes you feel like you’re trending 24/7.

Your competitors won’t be able to keep up with you. Your customers won’t be able to forget about you. Reactive marketing or newsjacking is when brands react to current news stories, trends and conversations by putting themselves at the centre of it. This can be done through PR, social or on-site content, and requires you to move at speed. That's not always possible, right?

That’s why we will do it for you with our dedicated team. We’ll spot the trends, create the content, data, commentary, or creative - and put you at the heart of the most relevant stories, whenever it matters most.



We do reactive marketing by hearing about the news before anybody else. How? By using a tool no-one else has access to. Early Risers tracks trends relevant to your brand, from what's trending on social media, in the media, search behaviour and even sales trends.

If it matters to you, we learn about it, and then ensure it matters to your customers too.

Our teams of data scientists and creatives work together to turn our insight into ideas, putting your brand right at the centre of the conversation in a way that can’t be ignored.

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We’re ahead of

the game

Our Early Risers tool gives us insight no-one else can offer. This helps us not only react to the news fastest, but predict the news before it even breaks.

We link data

with creativity

We’re not just an agency that can tell you the numbers - we can make them mean something, turning our unrivalled insight into ideas that engage.

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talked about

If it looks like a Rise at Seven campaign, it probably is. You’ll have already seen our reactive marketing on social media, you might just not have known it.



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