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Rise at Seven brings technical and creative expertise together seamlessly. It’s a match made in heaven.

Keeping search at the heart

When users are searching on Google, Pinterest, eBay, TikTok, YouTube, Amazon and more, they’re literally telling you what they want. SEO is a facilitator of that search, making brands easier to find across all platforms.

The problem? SEO has lost sight of the main driver: getting people to want to search for these brands or products in the first place. That’s why we use a One Search approach when dealing with SEO, ensuring your brand is facilitating search demand wherever the user is searching. Because it's not just Google anymore!

We are a search-first agency, meaning we get your customers to search for your brand or products - and help you come up even when they don’t.
Our technical SEO strategy and data insight teams are the heart of everything we do, working closely with content, Digital PR, CRO and UX to help you rank highly. Our cross channel campaigns, reactive marketing offering and social media helps make yours a brand worth searching for and worth ranking pos1.

By splitting our projects into drivers and facilitators, we ensure that your brand is as searchable as can be - and that people will actually go out and search for it.

Bringing in results

We focus our work into two different branches: drivers and facilitators. Separately, they have their own individual roles, both useful in their own right, building brand creatively and technically. But together, they work seamlessly to create engaging and exciting content, and help the right audience to get to it. We have experts on both sides, meaning your brand will not only look amazing, but will also be much more visible. After all, what good is building your brand if your audience can’t find it online?

The Drivers

Digital PR

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Creative Content

The Facilitators

Technical SEO

Content Marketing


👉  Everything we do drives traffic to your website and turns it into customers

👉  Data and insight backed strategies increase organic rankings and traffic numbers year on year

👉  Campaigns help create a brand worth searching for, driving branded search and keywords for your target products or services.

👉  Digital PR tactics land links consistently in the best publications.

👉  High authority content earns traffic and links naturally, making visibility easier than ever.

👉  We’ll transform you into a leading brand and website that customers - and Google - trust

👉  Creativity and speed in search gives our clients a competitive edge in an industry that has always been ‘long term’.

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