Social Media Optimisation


For brands that want their YouTube, Pinterest, and Giphy content to actually drive traffic and sales 

Social media isn’t just a channel for brand awareness and off-site engagement – it’s also a content marketing strategy that you should be using to drive traffic and conversions to your site. 

However some social channels need to be treated like a game of SEO with well optimised content that will help you rank in the social serps – these include Pinterest, Giphy and YouTube.

What is social media optimisation?

Whilst Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are extremely important channels, their algorithms are engagement-focused – the more likes, views, and shares your content gets, the higher the content goes and more it becomes visible to users. 

However, this is not the case with YouTube, Pinterest, or Giphy. Whilst engagements do have a factor long term, short term it’s well-optimised content descriptions, keywords, and tags that will help get this off the ground and being displayed to users as a result.

As much as it sounds like a typical SEO strategy, these channels have algorithms of their own, and understanding these is essential to driving engagement. 

Pinterest, YouTube, and Giphy should be treated like any other search engine, and here’s why:

Key facts

  1. Giphy is the SECOND largest search engine in the world by individual searches every day (10 billion)
  2. YouTube is the third biggest search platform, with a whopping 5.6 billion searches a day.
  3. Pinterest is more than just an inspiration hub but a revenue-driving platform too. Sales driven by Pinterest has risen 38% internationally in the last year! 

What is Pinterest optimisation?

pinterest SEO

Half social media channel, half search engine, Pinterest is like a more visual version of Google. It’s well worth investing just as much time in both. 

98% of Pinterest users say they’ve tried something after they’ve searched for it on Pinterest, while 84% say they use the platform when looking for something to buy. If your products are what they find, that gives you a pretty good chance of getting customer engagement. 

Pinterest has a higher conversion rate than Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat, meaning it’s vital your content is optimised to suit it. Your Pinterest posts should mirror what customers would find on your site, working together to create a joined-up experience. Images on your site should be pinnable, and images on your Pinterest should link back to your site. 

Social Media conversion rates

social media conversion rates

If you’re a brand with strong visual products, it’s something you shouldn’t be ignoring. 

Pinterest optimisation has some of the same ranking factor rules as they do on Google search: Authority, Expertise, Relevance, and Trust. 

How we can use Pinterest to drive traffic and revenue to your site?

Pinterest is responsible for roughly 8% of all website referral traffic – and it could be a key traffic driver for you! It’s a strong channel for those brands that have strong visual products that users can explore during the research stage. These industries include homeware/garden ware, food, travel, fashion, property, and even motor as examples.

Pinterest optimisation is all about using the knowledge of the channel’s unique algorithm and applying it to content creation. This doesn’t just mean board or pin descriptions, this means viewing Pinterest optimisation as a wider SEO strategy, tied in with optimising your site for responsiveness and speed.

We would take on a strategy assessing the following things:

A Pinterest optimisation checklist

    1. Start with an audit: We would start with an audit and look at what needs fixing, where are the opportunities and show you what sort of ROI you could expect with a well optimised Pinterest
    2. Competitor analysis 
    3. Keyword research and targeting
    4. Assessing original vs curated content
    5. Site speed: 85% of Pinterest users are on mobile, this seems to be one of the key ranking factors in the algorithm. Make sure it’s quick and slick! 
    6. Creating category boards
    7. Domain quality
    8. Pinner account quality
    9. Organic pinning rate
    10. Embed Pins in your blog posts: create eye-catching Pins and embed them in your blog content.
    11. Copy optimisation 
    12. Re-pinning your posts onto other relevant boards
    13. Assessing engagement quality

If you think your Pinterest posts and blog content could be optimised better to drive higher traffic numbers and conversions to your site – get in touch

What is Giphy optimisation?

Giphy seo

Giphy optimisation is uncharted territory for many brands, which is why taking advantage of it now could put you ahead of competitors. Giphy is the second largest search engine in the world, behind only another famous Google name. 

The fact it integrates across so many other platforms – such as Slack, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram – means it reaches over 10 billion people every day. Very few brands are making the most of this at the moment, giving you a great opportunity to own terms relating to your market. The gif market is at your fingertips. 

Optimising your Giphy channel is hugely rewarding! The higher on the social SERPs, the more views your Gif content is going to receive. Could you be owning absolutely every search relating to Sports, Fashion, or Food? Absolutely! 

How we can use Giphy as a digital marketing strategy

Giphy works very similarly to Google with an algorithm that decides which content to rank the highest in the search results. That means keyword research is vital, however, those words will be different to what people search for elsewhere.

 If you want to know what your customers are searching for on Giphy exactly, and fancy earning your brand millions of views that turn into real engagement, it’s time we talked. 

We at Rise at Seven have our own method of gathering Giphy keyword competition data and can provide you with a strategy to what you should be targeting, what creative content you should be creating, and help optimise it too to help it rank higher than others.  

If you have started thinking more and more about using Giphy as part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to start by thinking of ways to use already existing video content and turning them into Gifs, before thinking of creating new content. We can show you what sort of content you should be creating based on popular searches and ranking difficulty.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO

While Google might be the tool people use to find a product, YouTube is increasingly becoming the tool people use to see it in action or get inspiration from too.

Why just read about a holiday when you could watch it unfold? Why look at a picture of a cake when you could see being made and eaten? Why just browse make-up images when you can see it being put to use on a morning routine tutorial?

YouTube SEO will help your brand get the views it needs to be a serious player on the video scene. It has an algorithm all of its own that decides how well content ranks, and you’ll need to understand this to ensure you’re seen higher up on Google and YouTube’s results. 

How we can get your YouTube videos to rank higher in search and drive traffic to your site

When you work with us, we’ll do a full YouTube audit, along with in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis, to figure out how you can make YouTube work harder for you. By looking at the quality of your videos, their titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails, links, transcripts, and more, we can turn your YouTube channel into a leading platform for your industry. 

YouTube is highly competitive and keyword research is important here. Similar to Giphy and Pinterest, users aren’t searching the same things on Google as they are on YouTube. So you need access to YouTube keyword insights. Many SEO tools offer YouTube keyword insights helping you plan out your content initially, but optimising it to actually be seen (for free) is often forgotten.

If your social channels could be optimised better and you want them to be better tied in with your onsite content strategy – get in touch