Rise at Seven is launching a brand new service, Rise Live, that puts brands at the centre of trending topics in no more than 60 minutes. The service spans social, PR, influencer, content and even paid performance using a proprietary trend tracker tool, Early Risers. It tracks search and social trends live globally across Google, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Amazon and more, giving us access to the latest trends in seconds - with live data around engagement and sales worthy of reacting to.

Reactive marketing demand increases

Why? Reactive marketing has seen an upwards trend in the industry in recent years, with a 29% growth in demand.

We have already generated £1.2million for this service alone, and expanded it across the US, Germany, Spain and Netherlands - and we’re only getting started.

We offer this service to a number of clients, including Revolution, Boohoo, Oh Polly, IG, Next Vacay, The Sole Supplier, Raisin and more. Rise Live is fuelled by a team of ten already, and is headed up by reactive expert Kate Leach, all working with the aim to help brands be the first to get involved in the conversation.

Whether it’s financial commentary, on-trend content, fast moving product PR or a social media ad creative, our new Rise Live team will be dedicated to current and trending news, including what’s big in search, to make sure their clients are always at the forefront of the conversation.

On the launch of Rise Live, Carrie Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of Rise at Seven, said:

“Speed is a competitive advantage, and in today's world where TikTok, Netflix and Elon Musk can have an immediate impact on consumer buying behaviour, brands need access to both data and resources in order to move fast in reaction to current trends. We have built our own tools that give us live insight in seconds regarding trending stories, searches and social activity across the biggest platforms in the world, and in industries including finance, fashion, beauty, film, travel and more. If we know what's trending, we can move fast and put our clients at the centre of it.

“We’ve been trialling this for the last 6 months and have seen incredible success already. We’ve seen that reactive marketing delivers 5X the ROI due to its relevance and speed. We believe every brand needs to speed up their marketing in order to remain relevant.

“Agencies that wait for an opportunity get left behind, so we have created Rise Live to stay ahead of the curve. Our dedicated reactive team, coupled with the search, data and technical offering, is the future of the creative industry, and appointing Kate to take a lead on that is a huge opportunity for us as an agency.”

In order to support their team on this new service, we have created a brand new dashboard that pulls in live information from what’s trending on social media and the top headlines for the day, to the biggest daily search changes and trends. As soon as a big media moment happens, this will enable the team to add the data behind to make their stories and commentary different.

This service includes data from Trending gov, BBC live, Weather, Crypto, stock market, Netflix trending, Twitter trending, Google search trends, Early Risers, YouTube, TikTok, movie/gaming releases, and more - enabling the Rise team to have their finger on the pulse at all times.

Head of Rise Live

Former Digital PR Lead Kate Leach will be taking the reins as the new Head of Reactive Marketing. As one of Rise at Seven’s early hires, Kate has already brought huge value in creating high quality, relevant and reactive campaigns for the likes of Revolution, Klarna, The Hut Group, Nasty Gal, Chill Insurance, Under Lucky Stars, and more.

Head of Reactive PR, Kate Leach said:

“The shift in PR over the past year is really clear - people want fresh, topical news, and they want to know it fast. We’ve noticed a spike in the demand for reactive PR, and the beauty of this strategy is how quick it is to get results and brands can get directly involved with exciting topics that readers are guaranteed to engage with.

“The way we approach reactive is different. We’ll make sure we spot the media moment first hand, but tie it in with true relation to the client and their expertise in order to secure coverage that delivers so much more. Our aim is to drive not just coverage but traffic (and subsequent sales) directly to the client’s pages that matter, as we work alongside them as their honorary press office.”

We have already had huge success in reacting to big media moments, from hopping on the buzz around Squid Game for The Sole Supplier, to looking at the spike in sign language searches after the release of The Eternals for Preply.

On the dedicated reactive team, Will Hobson, PR Director of Rise at Seven, said:

"Reactive PR is something we’ve done for a number of years at Rise at Seven, and during the pandemic that only increased. Rise Live is a service dedicated solely to putting brands at the centre of trending conversations across industries such as finance, fashion, travel and more.

“I see this as the future of the press office, reacting to trends, product releases, breaking news and popular culture to generate coverage across the world's biggest publications. This sort of marketing will have immense ramifications for the industry. However, to be effective with this strategy, relevancy and speed are critical. The importance of being first really elevates your marketing efforts - and has the potential to be even more effective than large marketing campaigns, just by using speed as a competitive advantage. I’m excited to see this service grow even further with Kate leading it."

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