Award-winning search-first creative agency Rise at Seven launches into the content creator market following latest Google announcements that the 10 blue links are changing and they could be moving toward a creator-first SERP

With rapid industry changes and consumers moving to channels like TikTok to now search, Rise at Seven rises into UGC, content creation and influencer marketing to generate and facilitate search demand for their clients on new channels.

They will be helping clients turn their on-site content strategies into strategic and seamless off-site content strategies which help brands dominate SERPS, increase share of search and demand attention where consumers are searching.

They have set lofty goals to attract 50,000 content creators and subject experts/authors globally to their Rise network by 2025 covering fashion, travel, beauty, home & interiors, gaming, finance, tech and more supported by their own in-house content creation team testing content variants on channels at scale.

The announcement comes with client wins already for this service including Dermalogica, Getir, Mark Hill, Insinkerator and Parkdean Resorts as they embark on new ways to reach customers and generate demand for their products.

Google is battling with new channels now when it comes to search, with a recent statistic revealing 40% of GenZ’s now go to TikTok to search for places to go and eat. TikTok’s UGC centric offering is stealing attention away from Google's search answers, and as a result Rise at Seven builds its own in-house content creator team focused on creating ads that don't look like ads at scale.

Carrie was recently invited to Google to talk about the changing market, and how clever advertising is moving away from looking like advertising.

Coupled with their Rise Network, Rise at Seven say they are building the solution to creating content at scale for brands that want to remain relevant.

The new proposition blends user generated content, paid social and PR to move consumers down the funnel and generate search demand and demanding brand attention like no other.

Carrie Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of Rise at Seven, said:

“A big reason brands struggle to grow is failing to innovate at speed and lack of understanding of consumer behaviour. Consumers are not only just searching on Google - they’re now searching everywhere.

We understand the consumer like no one else. We know what platforms they are searching, and we create content at scale to earn our way into more people's feeds. But that content has to focus on storytelling, with consumers being put off advertising more than ever - UGC content creator market has to now create ads that don't look like ads.

We will have built one of the fastest solutions to content creation by 2025, aiming to gather 50,000 content creators to our Rise Network as well as build our own content creation team in-house.

I think the search industry and Google's SERPS will drastically change in the next 6-12 months, with a content creator and 9:16 future. Innovating is a huge part of our success here at Rise at Seven and we aim to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer behaviour”.

Brand Director at Rise at Seven, Phoebe Russell, added:

“Our award-winning Demand team creates content to appear on all platforms your customers are searching and engaging in including YouTube, TikTok, Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, Meta and Shopping platforms.

Our aim is to bring speed, creativity and a cross channel approach to execution to put brands at the heart of trending moments. Brands who want to be culturally relevant consistently come to us because our expert strategies of placing them where their customers are ensures they stay relevant and grow with the pace of consumers today.”

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