"Dog Jumpers" searches are seasonal meaning less people are searching for them in summer in comparison to winter. To show you what this looks like... 880 people on average search for a dog jumper in July in comparison to 27K in November!

We went out with the story that "Missguided launch matching roll neck jumpers for you and your dog this winter". After launching this exclusively with TYLA (the female version of Ladbible) and seeing we landed 30K engagements on social media in the space of an hour, we knew we were on to something!

The strategy then lead to a full category page being created with all the products on, optimised, with content, and new product lines (branded Missguided loungewear for dogs). This all took just a couple of weeks from ideation to going live and we decided to re-push the new products to press to see if we can squeeze any more out of this!

This gained us an additional 27 links, and drove 45K visits. Less links but more traffic! Interesting! The revenue figures, I can't say but long story short A LOT!

The Missguided team then created blog content on-site, with internal links into this category page to pass value.

As a result, Missguided has gone from #30 to #1 in just a few months max. 865% increase YoY traffic to this area of the site, 134,757 page views to be exact.

We now rank above Pets at Home, Amazon and more.

However, what's even more interesting is this. During the duration of our campaign, we not only caught those searches at the right time but increased demand too. We made people want dog jumpers more than ever! In Nov 2018 (peak time), 27,100 searches! Nov 19, 40,500 searches!

These links have had a wider impact for the site with maternity, loungewear, and even swimwear all seeing improvements. Product PR is often seen as a traditional tactic and our strategy even got mentioned on a podcast recently as a traditional PR method that doesn't drive SEO.

But we've proved that's incorrect and product PR and category page links can be built and you will see SEO return.


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