The ‘dress-in gown’

in-in is the new out-out


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Content creation & Influencer


House of Fraser

Live date

DEC 2020

House of Fraser’s ‘home couture’

drove 20k traffic and £12k of revenue

The challenge

House of Fraser ranked at a comfortable 11 for ‘dresses’ online. They wanted to improve this ranking, and drive traffic to their ‘dresses’ tab at a key time of trade. The problem? A national lockdown had started, and no one was going out. It was up to us to figure out how to sell dresses to people who simply weren’t thinking of buying them.

The idea

Inspired by the massive loungewear trend that had taken hold in 2020, and knowing that the media was desperate for any news that wasn’t pandemic related, we created the ‘Dress-In Gown’ as part of an ‘In In’ collection.

We created the Dress-in-Gown from scratch, shot it with a model at a studio and then edited the photos to make them good enough for billboards in central London. We also created bespoke assets for social media and email marketing, as well as creating internal linking to a dedicated landing page. Value was being added across every platform. The collection was in-in, and our returns were up-up.

The results

From The Independent to The Sun, the campaign received a total of 27 media placements, 14 of which were linked. Stories about the ‘dress-in gown’ were shared 2.3k times on social media, and received 621 views from Facebook and 2,000 views from email marketing. The campaign resulted in 20k page views and 113 assisted conversions, creating £12k in additional revenue. All of these results meant that House of Fraser moved up in the ‘dresses’ rankings from their comfortable 11th place to a much more exciting 7th place. We even had customers calling up stores, demanding more product stock.

Staying in-in and never felt so good.


Traffic to the Dress-In Gown page


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