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JUL 2020

Supercar Blondie hits headlines with GoCompare,

bringing global engagement

The challenge

GoCompare wanted top tier links from the motoring press, as well as some content that would be organically shared by car enthusiasts. We put the pedal to the metal and came up with a campaign that not only got talked about, but also got linked - a lot.

The idea

We’ve all heard of the Forbes rich list, but what if it was done about a very particular niche - car influencers. Instagram and YouTube are both packed with people showing off fast cars and pimped up rides, raking in millions of followers (and pounds) in the process.

Our campaign would rank them all based on how much engagement they got and how much money it earned them.

We built a dedicated landing page on GoCompare’s site, where people would be able to scroll through an interactive report on the carfluencers’ earnings. This sat underneath their /motoring section, driving authority to the most important part of the website.

Our data team then got to work, analysing the value of an average piece of social media engagement and doing the maths to see what that figure would become when engagement reached the millions.

The results

The rich list delivered a rich return. We got 71 links across the likes of LADBible, Mail Online, and Driving.com, while also generating 120k shares on social media as the motoring community joined in the conversation. The influencers themselves even spoke about our campaign, engaging their communities and driving more traffic to our content.

LADBible’s Facebook post achieved 29k likes and 4.5k comments, showing how the campaign appealed to both car enthusiasts and social media users in general. It hit the niches GoCompare were after, but also brought in a whole new audience who were seeing the brand in a different light.

We were even featured on the Top Gear website. Dream publication, done.






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