The viral mulled wine spa

that landed on TV


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creative campaign case studies



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NOV 2020

Bringing attention to our client

in true Rise at Seven style

The challenge

To bring brand awareness to SpaSeekers, and build backlinks to the site during the Christmas period, it was our goal to create a viral campaign that would catch the eyes of top tier press and make the most of the public desire for seasonal stunts.

Spas were set to reopen after lockdown. We’d make sure ours was more than ready.

The idea

At Christmas time, mulled wine flows. We wanted to help it flow directly into a hot tub. We created the mulled wine spa day, offering customers a truly unique, totally relaxing spa experience, packed full of bespoke themed features.

To promote this, we created a hero video showing someone using the hot tub, social media assets, video cut downs and GIFs. The stage was set, but it wasn’t time for us to relax.

We began outreaching, and before we knew it, we were on breakfast television.

The results

This. Was. Everywhere. The campaign ended up receiving 111 media placements, in publications such as Lonely Planet, LADBible, Time Out, and Mail Online, and even landed on TV where it was discussed on Good Morning Britain - which has an average of 5M daily viewers.

Our initial link KPI was smashed by 280%, and Shrigley Hall - where the spa was set - became inundated with calls and booking requests.

On social media, we achieved 36.5k reactions and over 3,700 shares, including on the likes of LADBible, Lonely Planet and Tyla. Over 4,000 people visited the campaign page, spending an average time of 4:17 enjoying the content.

The campaign page is now the 5th most important page on the site, according to Ahrefs, proving that good creative (and a healthy helping of mulled wine) can lead to incredible results.


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