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We at Rise at Seven use a variety of Digital PR and content marketing strategies to land top tier media placements and links for our clients. Newsjacking is one of them and is fast becoming one of the most simple and effective strategies.

With over six years of experience in this tactic, it means that not only can we land links back to our client’s domains but also position them as experts in their field whilst building authority and trust around their brand.

Using this newsjacking strategy, we at Rise at Seven are able to land links on publications such as The Guardian, Telegraph, This is Money and more, including niche trade publications. This is done by using your in-house experts and our internal newsjacking team to provide reactive commentary to current news stories dominating the headlines.

What is newsjacking?

Newsjacking is an ‘always on’ digital PR tactic where we monitor live news and spot opportunities to put our clients at the centre of conversations by reacting with expert commentary and thought leadership pieces.

Newsjacking is mostly successful for clients within the financial sector with experts available to share their insights, opinions and wisdom on a range of topics from personal finance, stocks and shares, business performance, economic news and more. However, it can be used by others including sports betting, motoring and finance, travel, cosmetic, and consumer experts.

We work closely with your in-house team to spot the opportunities and seed their expertise to press putting them at the centre of relevant conversations online. This is a reactive strategy and requires fast movement but has proven to be hugely successful.

It’s a tactic which not only positions our clients as experts in their field but lands backlinks too. Driving links to our client’s sites, building authority and trust which in turn improves organic rankings on Google.

What sites do we target using newsjacking?

When reacting to the news we primarily target conversations with a wide audience and therefore wide press coverage. This includes national press such as The BBC, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Guardian but also niche sites relevant to the topic.

If you have an expert in travel as an example, the strategy would be to land coverage and links on sites such as The Sun or Daily Mail (who are covering the chosen topic) but also niche travel sites such as travel and leisure, or aviation news. Or if you have an expert on consumer retail as an example, the strategy would include niche retail sites including toy news or retail week.

This tactic ensures that we are not only landing top tier media placements but diversifying the backlink profile on sites that you may not have been mentioned on or received a link from previously.

This allows us to reach new audiences and have an always-on approach to Digital PR.

How successful is newsjacking as a strategy?

The success of newsjacking depends on the following factors:

  • Ease of access to in-house experts
  • Opinion, each comment should explain the impact to consumers rather than re-laying what has happened giving the journalist a strong opinion
  • Ability to react fast- we would usually recommend a comment is turned around within 15 minutes of the request being put in. 

Here’s a case study of this working well for our client Ask Traders.

Newsjacking Case Study

About AskTraders

Ask Traders are a leading hub for users in the stock and forex market to aid them find a broker who will give them the best bonuses and leverage. It is part of the fantastic Ask branded family of sites and is dedicated to helping people who want to trade. With its fantastic education and research features, Ask Traders is designed to give you simple guidance on how to trade, then find a broker and get set up.

The Strategy

In order to position Ask Traders as an authority in Finance, we have worked closely with their team of analysts to create a successful newsjacking strategy. The strategy included the following elements:

We assessed the quality of their commentary through a series of test comments. We then worked with the in-house team to develop the comment and add more opinion. We asked for feedback from industry-relevant journalists to make sure the commentary was ready to send to national media.

We created a 6-month roadmap which included company reporting dates of large UK/US companies such as Tesco, Apple and ONS releases.

We reacted to breaking news stories such as the Ryanair strikes with opinion led commentary that added value to the conversation.

A key part of the strategy was to remain consistent, helping build the authority of our analysts month on month. This consistency means we now have journalists coming to us requesting comments and opinion pieces cementing Ask Traders as experts in their field.

The Results

Since the launch in August, we have achieved 213 links and coverage on sites such as The Guardian, The Telegraph and niche sites such as Travel Mole.

94% of those were followed and have driven over 2000 organic visits via the links built.

We have now positioned the client as an authority in the finance industry with journalists requesting regular commentary from us.

How much does newsjacking cost?

The cost of newsjacking varies, dependent on how many opportunities there are for you to react too. Newsjacking is often part of a larger digital PR strategy and ran alongside content marketing campaigns to ensure we are consistently building links and authority around the domain rather than in short bursts.

Want to find out more about newsjacking and content marketing with Rise at Seven? Enquire here.