If you’re focusing your PR efforts on just one territory, you’re probably missing out. International Digital PR can be the perfect opportunity for your company to enter new markets and take advantage of all the benefits of international outreach.

Don’t let the word international scare you, come and join me in discovering the amazing opportunities awaiting for you and your company on a global scale.

In this blog, I’ll explain the different ways in which you can achieve links and coverage in other countries where your audience (or potential customers) might be.


We get it. You have a KPI to hit and they’re normally quantified in links. But your international outreach efforts can get you even more than what you initially were looking for.

This is what we managed to achieve for our international clients:

  • Amazing placements on national and regional TV.
  • Several interviews across different Spanish radio stations.
  • Printed coverage in newspapers with +200k monthly readers.

And obviously… many, many links.


There are two ways you can go about it.

You can either choose a UK-focused campaign with an international angle and make that relevant for the different territories, or you can completely tailor a campaign to those regions.

Imagine that you’re working with a travel client and you want to make a list of the most Eco-Friendly cities to travel to. If your client is UK based, you’d want to amplify your efforts by including the best cities in Europe/the world, so you can get links from a few different countries. This will also allow you to expand your reach and help resonate with potential new clients.

Now, if you’re already an established brand looking to secure your marketing position in the different global markets, you can create a campaign that targets all of the individual regions within the same country. So, if we consider the same example, we could conduct a report on the most Eco-Friendly cities to travel to within Spain. This will not only help us to secure links in national publications, this will also allow us to target local communities using a more personalised approach.

But you might be thinking, why do I want to focus all my efforts on one country when I can target different ones with the same campaign?

From our experience within different European territories, a regional angle can massively increase the success of a campaign. Not only that, but local communities will also engage with the information as it will be more personalised than a global approach.

Too often, international outreach fails because it struggles to resonate with the local audiences in its effort to tackle a very wide option of territories.

We need to speak their language. We need to learn what they like, what they read about, and what they are interested in. That’s the difference between merely translated content or the one that includes the values, interests, and regional subtleties of the regions targeted.


Our results are quite remarkable and consistent across our different campaigns. We managed to get over 500 links only for the Spanish market and land on the biggest publications in the mainland, from national to regional or lifestyle.

Here are some examples:

A campaign we produced for one of our Spanish clients about the cost of having a child managed to get 22 links and 29 media placements, which resulted in more than 10k social shares. The campaign landed in publications like El Economista, La Razon, La Voz de Galicia, El Periodico, ABC…

But it managed to inspire something even more important… Social conversation. Our idea was discussed on TV, (in channels like Antena3 or El Intermedio), radio, and different social media channels. The idea generated debate within the local and national community.

And we have more examples of campaigns that managed to generate amazing media placements whilst also creating a huge social buzz. The regional relevancy of one of our Spanish campaigns about the best city to open a business made it appealing to several political parties, which also prompted them to share our campaign on their own social media channels.

This, of course, created a chain of shares and engagement that made our idea an excellent example of how a good Digital PR idea can be highly viral and inspire brand awareness.

Journalists like our ideas, they write articles about them, they prompt social transmission (online and word of mouth), and other people then try to find that idea and the brand behind it. This leads to page views, traffic and conversions increase. That means that the conversation offline (or the so-called coverage) also has a positive impact on SEO.


We are! We rise to the challenge, uniting the best of both worlds to make your brand recognisable, trendy and conquer search results in different countries. Does that sound good? Drop us a line or slide into my DMs!