Where should I spend my 2024 budget?

We've looked into over 5,000 keywords across a variety of industries to discover where consumers are searching for specific terms and phrases - and, spoiler alert: Google is no longer the go-to for all search queries.

Comparing search volumes across YouTube and TikTok to Google, we have found the niches and industries where the social platforms dominate and the ones where Google remains on top.

We've also identified the top 100 most searched keywords per platform to show you the opportunity for your industry.

With attention in short supply, TikTok is picking up on more everyday searches and it’s no surprise more brands are utilising the TikTok space to answer “how to” searches and even financial advice.

However, there are still loads of industries where Google dominates the consumer search. We looked into what people search for on Google rather than other popular platforms like TikTok and YouTube and found Google still dominates “near me” search terms for local SEO.

Whilst Google is losing some searches to the likes of TikTok, YouTube still remains a popular search platform for video tutorials, especially around hair and how-to guides.

So what are your consumers searching? And where do you need to be focusing your SEO and content efforts for your industry?

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