I know, I know. You thought we were setting up shop in Chicago. So did we. It hasn’t been an easy decision… We had already paid a lot of money to the state of Illinois to help us set up in Chicago. We’d even started the office hunting, and had trips visiting out there. But it just wasn’t right… And at Rise, we have to feel completely confident in every decision we make.

So, after putting a whole lot of thought into it, we’re going to be based in the heart of Manhattan: Soho.

So, why New York and not Chicago?

If there is a city in the world where Rise at Seven naturally fits in, it’s New York City. The culture, the people, the brands, the energy: that's Rise at Seven. Visit Times Square and look around - what do you see? Our clients on billboards. The type of clients we work with are everywhere around the Big Apple, and it is a natural fit that an agency like us is based there right alongside them.

We aren’t going into this move to try and be like every other New York agency. We are there to build and educate the industry within search. You can guarantee we will be making noise within the digital world of NYC from the minute we arrive. We know it's going to be tough, we know we’re going in deep - but if there is a city for us to expand to to kick off our American journey, it’s New York!

What is our plan? Full transparency

No one knows search, content marketing and creative better than Rise at Seven. We're writing the playbook for digital PR and content marketing in the United States, and where better to do that than the heart of advertising in the USA? Our roster of US-based clients includes TechRadar, DailyFX, PrettyLittleThing US, BooHoo USA, Next Vacay, Preply and plenty more. In fact, there is currently a waiting list.

Right now, we have boots on the ground within our Digital PR team with our US Digital PR manager Domenica D’Ottavio running the show. Domenica has been in the industry for 6 years and works closely with our team, keeping us all up to speed on the digital marketing landscape of the United States. And we’re hiring! We are looking for a Client Partner in New York to join us, Digital PR manager and Senior Associate too.

By April, CEO and co-founder Carrie Rose will be opening our US office with a handful of Risers going over too, leading our offering as we expand into the marketplace. A group of us, including myself, from the Rise HQ will be there every step of the way to build our brand and make us and our clients famous in the land of the free. We’ve already disrupted the agency landscape in the UK, and our next target is the USA.

Carrie says:

“Our US presence is growing exponentially and I cannot wait to get out to the States to supercharge our growth. Recently, we formed the Rise at Seven Group, and building an office in the heart of the American advertisement world is exactly where Rise at Seven belongs. This Summer, I was in New York, and one morning I was pitching to a US brand. I sat on the subway on the way to a cafe to take the pitch, and the brand we were about to pitch to was right in front of me on the subway ads, and screaming out that this is the city for us”

We’ve rapidly grown Rise at Seven US from our living rooms in the UK, and are ready to build a solid foundation and team in NYC. We’ve run US campaigns for American clients, expanded our clients to the states and run US brand-focused activations for brands like Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing. The expansion is fully underway, and we don’t even have an office yet. Imagine what we can do once we’re all moved in.

What will our New York office look like?

Although not finalised, our US office will likely open in the centre of Manhattan. We are an office-first company, offering hybrid options, and will always provide our staff with a thriving working environment. We promise to always have a creative office space available to every riser. We will be hiring Risers remotely across the east coast as we grow, with key hires in New York City to build out our base.

We recognise the importance of bringing our clients to events and meetings. We built Rise at Seven through connections and will continue to build them in New York City. Are you based there? Get in touch - we would love to meet you!