TikTok is testing SERP formats that resemble Google

TikTok is testing different SERP formats to see how user's take to the format - prioritising its search engine and ecommerce functionality.

The new format resembles Google. Here’s how:

  1. Shopping first (big for B2C and D2C brands!)
  2. Paid ads above organic content
  3. Suggestions alike to 'people also ask' (but along a nav formation)

Important considerations for marketers: πŸ‘‡

  • You need paid ads to be visible in position 1 on TikTok SERP
  • TikTok shop should be used to push products (where relevant)
  • Make use of a TikTok SEO strategy to ensure organic rankings

TikTok now encourages users to leave Reviews

In yet another step to make TikTok more of a discovery and search platform, users are now being prompted to submit reviews for their content that includes locations or destinations. This is on brand accounts too, not just creators β€” highlighting the importance of UGC and authentic content.

Users are being prompted to add reviews for brands where they have added a location tag on their content.

Reviews are being shown dated back to October β€” though this is the first time it’s come to fruition on the app!

We predict a new 'reviews' tab could be added to the app in the near future, helping brands gain credibility and trust with their audience.

Important considerations for marketers: πŸ‘‡

  • UGC, customer testimonials and reviews MUST play a part in your TikTok content marketing strategy
  • Location tags should be added to your content where possible!

Location Guides

Alongside reviews, TikTok has rolled out location guides too. When users click on a location tag on a video, you’re taken to a guide with content that ranks for each.

This includes:

  • Top posts βœ…
  • Food and drink βœ…
  • Things to do βœ…
  • Hotels βœ…
  • Parks βœ…
  • Shopping βœ…

This feature is a huge opportunity for brands in the hospitality, travel and entertainment industries.

Important considerations for marketers: πŸ‘‡

  • How to rank for key sections of these guides, implementing clear branding to ensure content is visible and showcasing a range of diverse locations.
  • Location tags should be added to all content where possible