Last week, creative director Joe wrote about the best creative campaigns he's seen this year across the industry. And now it's time to share some of the famous work we've been up to during one of the most uncertain years ever. After all, we don't (YET) have case studies on our website - but don't worry, they're coming very soon!

This year our Digital PR team had to pivot, change strategy, re-assess roadmaps and get a new plan. But what stayed consistent is our ideas, creativity and confidence to go all OUT! Yes we've f**ked up in places - but its not the fucking up thats important is how we fixed it. So for those that have delivered great results for their clients this year, hats off to you. You smashed it!

In order of when they went live, these are the best digital PR campaigns of 2020 created, promoted and celebrated by the Rise at Seven PR and creative team.

1. Broadband Deals - Pay Per Play

Ok this campaign launched in 2019, however we pushed this out in January revealing how much some of the worlds top artists make per stream on Spotify. It was a slow starter, until Mariah Carey hit no.1 on the Christmas charts - that sent the campaign flying internationally. The campaign featured on Cheddar TV, CNN, NME, Mashable, Mirror, and more gaining 210 links across 12 countries.

The reason this campaign did so well - it was reactive, evergreen and had multiple hooks and angles meaning it weren't just relevant at Christmas but anytime of the year too.

2. Uswitch - Drain Nation

Ever find that certain apps drain your battery when on them (**cough Snapchat**)? Well we conducted a study and reported on which apps are the biggest drainers. From Google, to Tinder to Uber - every app ranked!

The study landed 230 links on Tech Republic, Adweek, MSN, and The Sun and drove 7K views for our client!

3. Missguided - Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill is a campaign we've been pushing throughout the year which reveals the series most likely to result in chill. It's a study which ranks every Netflix series by its chill score from nudity scenes, hot characters, length (of the show) and more.

Breaking Bad topped the charts and landed us 30 links and drove 7000 visits to Missguided's site as a result.

4. Ricky - Worlds First Kinder Egg, with sex toy inside wanted to take on Ann Summers and Love Honey as a nationwide sex toy brand bringing buzz and fun to its customers. To do this, we had to be disruptive and make some noise! We launched the Worlds First "Kinder Egg" with sex toy inside for easter. An Easter Egg with a vibrator/bullet inside and pushed this to press as a way to drive traffic, sales, links and organic search - whilst building brand.

The egg landed 96 media placements, drove 43,000 people to the site and £12K revenue as a result of it. Ricky are a small business and needed the opportunity to then reinvest and grow. So we add a strategy where people submitted their email address for similar products like this and we captured 10,000 email addresses as a result for remarketing.

Metro, IBTimes, Mirror, Daily Star, OK mag are just some that covered this. you can read more about our work for here

5. Broadband Deals - Remote Working Index

Just as Covid19 hit, we launched a remote working index for Broadband Deals. This ranked every city in the world by best to worst for its remote working offering. The report featured Bucharest as the top city to live in for remote workers and gained attraction from Vodafones CEO who shared the campaign to the world. This landed us 112 links for our client, 18.8K social shares and placements on Forbes and international press.

6. Online Casino Canada - Future Gamer, Meet Micheal

The most SUCCESSFUL campaign we've ran this year!

Online gaming is at the highest it's ever been with video game 'addiction' now recognized as an official psychological disorder by WHO (World Health Organization), and referred to 'gaming disorder'. Because of this, we produced a 3D model visualising the future gamer in 2040 - what a gaming addict would look like and the physical impacts on the body and skin for staying indoors and online.

The model gained over 400 links, 1+m social engagements, features from Buzzfeed, Ladbible, Entrepreneur, IBTimes, and Give me Sport and landed in media in 41 countries globally. It was spoke about on TV, Radio and more.

7. GoCompare - Carfluencer Rich list

We launched a Carfluencer rich list - revealing how much some of the biggest car influencers earn by reviewing supercars around the world. With supercarblondie topping the list - Ladbible, MailOnline, driving, and 71 other media publications picked up the story and linked to the report. This drove 3,500 organic visits.

8. Under Lucky Stars US - Light Pollution

Did you know that if you stand in New York city and look up - it's nearly impossible to see the stars. In fact 80% of people living in the city have never seen them. Light pollution is a problem across many cities worldwide - ruining the stunning night view of our galaxies. With lockdown increasing a rise in people stargazing, we produced an interactive asset visually showing what the worlds most light polluted cities would look like without light pollution.

This asset featured on Daily Mail, Fox News, Lonely Planet, Forbes and more and drove 122 links and 15,000 page views. UnderyLuckyStars seen a high increase in organic revenue too driving 55% more since before the campaign.

9. Cath Kidston X Animal Crossing prints

Something a little different! Cath Kidston wanted to reach a new audience and create something that would work across social media and PR. They wanted to reach a younger more tech savvy audience - so heres what we did...

We created Animal Crossing codes which users could use to custom and personalise their home in Cath Kidston prints. Want Cath Kidston bedding as part of your Animal Crossing home decor - you can now do that!

The campaign generated 29 media placements on national press with links back to the download codes. Mail Online, Game Rant, Evening Standard and Yahoo are just some that covered the campaign. We also drove 3,200 to use the codes and 2K social shares

10. Parkdean Resorts - MOST popular Disney+ film mapped worldwide

Lockdown hit and travel was limited. But we still needed to produce content and generate links. Disney+ launched and was one of the fastest growing apps at the time - perfect timing I would say. But which is the worlds most favourite Disney + movie?

Using global search data we mapped this out and drove 82 links as a result of it. Whats on Disney Plus even covered and linked to the campaign as well as real homes, Prima, The Sun, and Inside the magic Disney site. This map drove 8,000 visits to the campaign page and £900 of assisted conversions. MENTAL

11. Clario - The companies that know the most about you

In this data piece, we looked at 50 of the biggest tech companies and apps and what data they held on their customers. Facebook knows the most about their users (shock horror) and Pornhub cares about the least (except what makes you tick). This data vis campaign for Clario landed 107 media placements and 71 links

12. Parkdean Resorts - Sandtone

This was one of our biggest campaigns across summer, ranking every UK beach by its shade of sand from brilliant white to murky brown. We matched the tones with Pantone shades and launched a nationwide campaign to get Brits to love to staycation. We created everything from an onsite asset ranking the beaches, OOH billboards, pots of paint in the shade of St Ives and Cleethorpes, colour charts, Instagram filters, social assets and paid ad strategy.

The campaign landed 244 links, drove 54,000 visits to the website as a result, 10,000 uses of the filter and market share growth by 11% (which is huge in just a few months). Assisted conversions were one of the highest i've ever seen for a campaign like this meaning many saw our campaign and booked a holiday as a result.

13. Parkdean Resorts Royal Caravan

As part of an over arching summer strategy to dominate the staycation market in a post lockdown world - we launched a campaign which turned the UK holiday experience into something to remember. We converted a UK holiday caravan into HMRC - Her Majesty's Royal Caravan, one fit for a queen. With gold thrones, four poster beds, gold toilets and lots of red velvet - Brits could book a stay in the caravan.

This gained the attention of press worldwide landing 104 links back to the site, driving 12,000 people to the booking page and pushing Parkdean Resorts organic rankings to position #1.

We created everything from an MTV style video tour, to Instagram filters and social content to drive hype and buzz.

15. Parkdean Resorts - Hedgehog Holiday Home

Hedgehogs made the endangered species list for the first time this year and they needed protecting at all costs! As a nationwide intiative to do this whilst raising awareness of the nature and animals that surround Parkdean Resorts parks - we launched the worlds first holiday home for Hedgehogs to hibernate in this winter.

We built the home on several UK caravan sites and created a video and social assets to promote it. The campaign landed 227 links and drove 50K views of the video. 13,000 people shared the campaign and become one of Parkdean Resorts biggest campaigns of the year in terms of building brand and organic traffic.

16. Cath Kidston - The Next Dog model

Cath Kidston was launching a new pet range and needed a dog to model the products. Instead of heading to a dog model agency to hire one for the day (yes they exist) - we decided to make this part of a campaign to let Cath Kidstons audience submit their pooch to become the next CK model.

It was a social and digital PR combined campaign which generated 159 links, drove 14,105 dogs to apply to be the next Cath Kidston dog model and 11K people to the website as a result

17. SpaSeekers - Mulled Wine Spa

Our longest serving client, SpaSeekers, wanted to launch a festive experience to drive people to book a spa break and relax this Christmas. So we launched the Mulled Wine Spa Experience - a hot tub break bathing in mulled wine.

This campaign is still landing links as I write this and is currently on 109 links from the likes of Daily Mail, The Sun, Ladbible and more.

We created video content and social content as well as an online page promoting the campaign and generating engagement.

Full case study to come soon!

18. Xbox X GAME - become the Xbox infleuncer

To help launch and promote the new Xbox Series X, we launched a campaign partnering Xbox and GAME to find the next gaming influencer in the UK. Paid to play Fifa, create content sponsored by one of the biggest gaming brands in the world.

The campaign is yet to be finished but has drove an INSANE amount of campaign views (in the 10s of thousands, 51 links so far and more). Full review to come

19. Playstation X GAME - Search for the Shapes

To promote and build hype around the brand new PS5 we launched a collab campaign with Playstation and GAME - a real life easter egg hunt to find the shapes hidden on Games website.

We hid 5 ps5s on GAMEs website - amongst over 100,000 pages and challenged gaming fans to go find them. The first to find them, gets entered into a draw to win the brand new console and more.

The search has just ended and figures are yet to be released. But in short we drove over 200,000 people to the website, 55+ links and conversions in the hundreds of thousands. I can't wait to share the full results!

20. Rise at Seven - most in demand search console

And last up, is a campaign we ran for ourselves. A journalist at Ladbible asked us for data on which console is predicted to perform the best based on search demand - the Xbox or PS5? So we gathered the data, created a map, sent it to Ladbible and wider press too. As a result Rise at Seven generated 11K views, 244 links and national media using our search data.

If you want a creative campaign that drives search impact and connects with other digital channels - get in touch. We are BURSTING with ideas and want to work with brands that want to be different