Staycations in the UK have BOOMED since Covid-19!

And we spotted there has been a huge demand for spa days and weekend breaks with outdoor pools and outdoor hot tubs.

Consumers were looking to travel whilst making more safe decisions about outdoor spaces, and the challenge for us was to maximise SpaSeekers’ organic visibility to drive traffic and conversions for our client.

Here’s what we did…

SpaSeekers’ site had two content areas: a blog and guides section!

We conducted an audit and discovered that most of the blog content wasn’t ever being read! A complete load of crap essentially. But guides were ranking incredibly well and had a lot of strength and opportunity. So we cut 350 useless blog pages and migrated the remaining content into guides.

The visibility of the Guides section VS the blog

We then went about rewriting 300 current guide pages; optimising them for search, improving internal linking and - as a result - seeing a 142% increase in revenue from guides, and a 468% increase in conversion rate.

Digital PR to improve ranking:

Data showed us that demand for Spas with outdoor pools and hot tubs were on the RISE and we needed to improve the quality and strength of hot tub spa bookings and outdoor pools.

However, SpaSeekers didn't even have a landing page for it. In the space of a week we pulled a list of every spa that featured an outdoor pool or hot tub, created a landing page for it to drive conversions and put it in the main nav making it easy to find.

We then needed to build authority through both internal and offsite links.

We created numerous onsite content pieces in the guides section around the best UK spas with outdoor hot tubs and pools as well as a stargazing guide for night time retreats.

These all had internal links and were used to push via digital PR to drive links from external publications.

We then ran three PR strategies linking into the hot tubs section of the site:

🔥 A campaign to become a hot tub tester, resulting in 169 links and 8,000 site visits;

🔥 A product PR campaign for the best hot tub hotels across the UK, resulting in 112 links and pushing local destinations;🔥 A campaign which revealed the best hot tub locations to stargaze, resulting in links in niche publications;

Where we are now

All of this has led to SpaSeekers landing positions one and two for all ‘spas with hot tubs’ terms, a position previously held by Treatwell when we didn’t even rank in the top 30.

Here’s some of what we did:

👉 We made some technical and on-page SEO changes to the site to improve rankings including:Restructured site architecture to remove page duplication and pagination

👉 Restructured site architecture to remove page duplication and pagination

👉 Implemented donut caching to improve speed.

👉 Changed the sorting to show most expensive first (instead of least expensive). We found that showing least expensive first displayed less visually aesthetic spas - people want luxury show we shown them luxury and increased conversions by 37%

👉 We took Spaseekers booking data and finding out how far customers willing to travel (based on their address and where they booked). Getting an average miles per location - And then only showing them spas within that miles radius based on local searches (e.g spas near york)

👉 We changed the sorting to show most-expensive first as opposed to least-expensive first (resulting in less visually aesthetic spas), discovering that the overwhelming demand for luxury continues to be prevalent as we saw a 37% increase in conversions;


🎉 We optimised on-site experience;

🎉 We significantly lessened the gap between closest competitors;

🎉 We built 1200+ links to sites including Vogue, Lonely Planet, Tyla & Grazia which not only drive traffic, but bolster the brand;

🎉 Brand searches have increased by 24% as more people than ever are searching for SpaSeekers as a brand.

Awesome PR 🤝 social strategy.

So what’s next?

We’ve seen huge success so far but there’s still plenty yet to come. Watch this space 👀

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