Our founder was invited to speak on the main stage at Brighton SEO San Diego, talking about advertising principles and how you can apply those in SEO to steal attention in the SERPS

In her talk she covered the battle between attention and relevance, and how creativity is our last unfair advantage to win in both marketing and SEO.

She also launched our very own Attention Score - because our job is to maximise the effectiveness of how we capture attention. Right platform right content, right time. So we built a weighted scoring algorithm that prioritises distribution channels based on audience index, search data, trend behaviour and ease of opportunity.

Want to know where the attention is, and on which channels for your keywords? We're giving away 20 FREE attention reports for a keyword group, if you want to be in the chance to get one - fill in the form below and tick the Attention Score box*.

If you want access to Carrie's BrightonSEO slides and the opportunity to have your very own Attention Score, simply fill in the form below and tick the Attention Score box!

*Attention Score reports aren't guaranteed and will be provided on a first come first served basis. We may ask you some more questions around markets to get this perfect for you, and so a strategy lead may reach out.