Rise at Seven Founder and CEO Carrie Rose recently flew to Dubai to be a guest speaker at the Affiliate World Conference 🇦🇪

The event took place in Dubai’s World Trade Centre and welcomed 5,000 marketers and 35 guest speakers from 110 countries.

In her session, Catapulting Your Affiliate Traffic: Unleashing PR Powers, Kardashian-style for 10x growth — Carrie revealed how her clients the Kardashians, PrettyLittleThing, Amazon, Revolution Beauty and StockX are hijacking trending media moments and using trend led PR to catapult affiliate traffic 📈

Affiliates in news publications are at the highest point ever, meaning brands are having to battle hard for attention. In her talk, Carrie explained to the marketers in the room how they can dominate attention by 👇

  • Getting placed in the highest traffic sections of media ✅
  • Tracking search trends ✅
  • Crafting relevant and trending stories ✅

The insights were inspiring and the event was a great success 🚀
BUT the value doesn’t stop there! 👇

To dominate attention, your story needs to be in national, high authority publications. Reaching out to press to get coverage is a skill of its own.

Carrie has spent the last 10 years perfecting her email outreach to the press, consistently achieving a high percentage of email opens and coverage in the media 📩

Submit your details below to get Carrie’s top performing subject lines and email templates for contacting press. We bet it will 10% your affiliate traffic and revenue! 📩