As we get ready for another year of producing engaging, meaningful and successful campaigns, we wanted to revisit some of the amazing work our international team has produced throughout 2022.

We not only want to showcase campaigns that have achieved exceptional link performance, but also those that our PR Managers feel particularly proud of. It's crucial to emphasise that our campaigns are more than just about acquiring links. They generate brand awareness and secure niche brand mentions in major national and regional publications.


The idea of a world without physical currency can be intimidating, especially for those who have grown accustomed to carrying cash. While the shift towards cashless transactions has been underway for several years, the pandemic has accelerated the trend, with more and more people opting for contactless payments to avoid handling coins and notes.

We developed a campaign that centres around the concept of a cashless society, which is currently a highly relevant topic in the Netherlands. The closure of an increasing number of ATMs coupled with the rise of cashless payment options in many stores due to the pandemic has resulted in some people fearing that the Netherlands is heading towards a completely cashless society.

To target regional publications for our campaign, we developed a city-based index report that was quite comprehensive. As a result, journalists were required to link to Raisin's website to access the full study, which led to us successfully obtaining 27 follow links from high authoritative publications as well as media coverage from both regional and national publications such as de Gelderlander, BD de De Stem and De Stentor. The campaign was also covered by, the news platform with the largest online reach in the Netherlands. Additionally, our story was featured on the radio and was published twice by Business Insider, a popular finance and business publication.

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Travelling is a wonderful opportunity to explore new cultures, meet people, and create unforgettable memories. However, as travellers, it is also important to be aware of the impact our actions can have on the places we visit. That's where sustainability comes in.

Our goal was to boost Club Med's brand exposure by securing links and coverage in top-tier publications in Germany. To achieve this, we developed a data-driven campaign that aimed to unveil the most eco-friendly cities in Germany. Given the growing significance of sustainability and green travel in Germany, alongside the rise of the Staycation-Trend following recent Corona lockdowns, we felt this would be a relevant and compelling topic to engage our target audience.

We successfully secured 50 links to Club Med's website, including mentions in major national and regional publications such as Merkur, Der Westen, MSN, and Frankfurter Rundschau mentioning the brand. Our most significant achievement was being featured in the Bild, Germany's largest publication, which showcased our study and generated widespread exposure for Club Med.

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The decision to have a child has far-reaching implications that extend beyond just the financial aspect. Unfortunately, many people find it challenging to bear the costs associated with raising a child.

We were aware that in Spain, there was an ongoing discussion about the difficulties young people are facing when buying a house, having children, or affording the increasing cost of living. We seized the opportunity to initiate a debate on the actual breakdown of expenses involved in raising a child in Spain.

This campaign did not only land us 57 media placements that included major Spanish publications, such as ABC, El Economista and La Vanguardia. It also gave us the opportunity to get our client mentioned in both national and regional television (including programmes in La Sexta with more than 1.2 million viewers) and spark a lot of debate across social media. It gathered over 8,000 social shares on various social media platforms, generating significant engagement across different channels.

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Over the years, the cost of living around the world has undergone significant changes that are influenced by inflation, economic development, and global events. This has also been felt in the Netherlands and we know it’s something that journalists were constantly talking about in the news.

Our team created a data-led campaign to uncover the extent to which the cost of living has risen since 2002 and we were able to develop a clear picture that tracked how the cost of living has evolved over time.

Even though the Dutch media landscape is very small, our campaign proved to be a success, securing a total of 19 media placements. Our efforts received recognition from top-notch national publications such as De Volkskrant (in both print and online formats) and also from regional outlets including De Limburger and Dagblad van het Noorden. Because of the wide topic, we were able to target niche publications such as and, which helped us to build a diverse backlink profile for Raisin. Our campaign even went across the border. The German press, RP-online picked it up and wrote about it.

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Choosing the perfect city to propose is not just about finding a beautiful location – it’s about selecting a place that will create a memorable and romantic experience for both you and your partner. A proposal is undoubtedly a unique and momentous occasion, which is why the majority of people are also willing to invest that little extra cash into making it special and may be searching for luxurious holiday experiences to do so.., 28% of Germans choose to get engaged while on vacation, and an increasing number of people are opting for local travel experiences over long-haul flights. In light of this trend, our aim was to identify the most romantic German cities and produce a data-driven campaign that revolves around the timeless themes of romantic getaways and proposals.

Our campaign included a comprehensive report featured on Club Med's blog and a city-based index that facilitated regional outreach. We also incorporated data on romantic activities, tourist attractions, accommodations, and restaurants - all the essential components for a truly enchanting holiday culminating in that one special question.

Through this campaign, we were able to secure 42 links in an incredibly competitive market. Our efforts garnered attention from major national and regional publications, including notable features in Der Westen, Rheinische Post, Merkur, and GoFeminin.

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When starting a new business, choosing the right city is absolutely crucial, as it can have a significant impact on the success or failure of the venture. It plays a key part in ensuring a business can operate effectively, attract and retain top talent, access capital and resources, and thrive in a competitive market.

When creating a company from scratch, it's also essential to have a sizable initial savings cushion due to the substantial investment it requires. This is why it is so important to carefully plan everything related to business activity.

We analysed different Spanish cities to discover which ones were the most suited to opening a new business. The regional angle played a very important role in the distribution of this campaign, with local political parties sharing our campaign across social media.

Our efforts resulted in a total of 55 media placements, including coverage in both regional and national newspapers. Additionally, we secured coverage in major economic and business publications such as Business Insider and El Economista.

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If you want to elevate your campaigns to a global level and enhance your presence in international media, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts. These examples are just a glimpse of the exceptional work our international team can produce!