As the temperatures drop and Autumn officially arrives, consumers begin the financial countdown to Christmas (yes, we are only 12 weeks away from the big day - scary I know!). With prices constantly on the rise and UK consumers set to face the biggest fall in disposable income in three decades by January 2023, brand presence has never been more crucial.

Building a community into your brand through campaigns creates lifetime value from a shopper and will be the key to a brand being top of a consumer’s mind, even when times are tough. With disposable income on the decrease, recognition of brand is everything. But how do we create a memorable stamp amongst consumers to drive them to think “I'll spend my money here”? The answer is through brand campaigns.

So, let's take a look at some of my favourites from this month…


We all know and love IKEA for their ability to tell a story and bring relevancy and meaning to their products, and their latest used-furniture campaign does just that.

IKEA launched their visual catalogue of used furniture in 2022 to showcase their Life Collection, telling the stories behind products being resold at IKEA’s new second-hand stores in Norway. From a marriage break down to bankruptcy, death in the family or birth of a new life, every piece of furniture has a unique story to tell.

The compelling film for this campaign is packed with emotion with the aim to humanise their products and resonate with their mass audience. Accompanied by an acoustic cover of Simple Minds’ ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’, this film is sure to play on the heart strings of many… it certainly did for me. A great use of emotive marketing, I’d say.


Heinz partnered with US clothing resale platform thredUP to launch their Vintage Drip line - a fashion range with real ketchup stains… yes, you heard that right. Breaking into the fashion industry just weeks before New York Fashion Week with a limited edition collection, the range features pre-loved streetwear as Heinz sets to focus their efforts on sustainability. With demand for eco-conscious clothing amongst a Gen Z and Millennial audience at an all-time high, their campaign aims to promote making the most out of old, unwanted clothing.

Although just a dreaded stain for many, this iconic brand symbol could certainly change the narrative in becoming a statement fashion piece. Will you be wearing the Drip Line this season?


Starbucks officially entered the world of NFT’s this September and I think it’s just the start of their leap into our digital first world. Following in the footsteps of brands alike such as the McDonald’s McNugget NFT and Gucci’s ‘Vault’ Meta store, Starbucks’ lineup of Non-Fungible Tokens named the ‘Starbucks Odyssey’ adds to their offering within their current membership programme.

The NFT’S are used as ‘journey stamps’ which are collected at each stage of the members' programme, housed only in the world of Web3. The collector will have to complete quizzes and games, unlocking access to immersive experiences, exclusive coffee benefits and more.

I think it’s a smart move from Starbucks to continue building brand presence in the ever changing digital world and meet the needs of their one-step-ahead consumer. Coming to a Starbucks block chain near you, will you be investing?


I couldn’t end the monthly roundup without a mention of one of the most bold moves in brand history. Although it’s not a campaign, a seriously powerful moment within the industry happened this month.

Speaking on cause driven topics and highlighting brand values through campaigns is one thing, but donating your entire company to fight for change is the true meaning of CSR and Patagonia did just that.

Founder Yvon Chouinard and his family have transferred ownership, valued at around $3 billion, to a specially designed trust and a nonprofit organisation to help fight the climate crisis and aid in the protection of our planet. It’s an honourable brand moment to say the least and one I certainly won’t forget.

Which campaign moment was your favourite this month? If you want to talk about brand and cutting through the noise in testing times, get in touch.