We are getting MILLIONS of content views by RANKING on TikTok search for our client in the Travel space right now 🚀

Firstly, let me explain to you how big of an opportunity TikTok search is…👇

Our jobs as search marketers is to:

  1. Be more discoverable
  2. Get clicks and views to our content
  3. Get that content to convert customers

That means we need to be where our customers are searching, find a way to get more clicks and views, and tactically drive that to conversions onsite (or maybe even offsite).

And for certain keywords, other platforms (than Google) bring bigger opportunities. Higher search volumes, higher CTR’s, higher CVR’s. So why are we as SEO’s so obsessed with Google?🧐

On Google, the estimated CTR for ranking pos 1 can range between 35-42% (depending on the industry). We are getting minimum 66% CTR’s by ranking pos 1-3 on TikTok. The click through rates are so much higher on TikTok than Google. So of course, we are absolutely soaking up that opportunity for forward thinking brands! 💰

Here’s how we are doing it:

There's two ways to be discovered on TikTok:

FYP page: usually viral driven content from brands or other creators talking about your brand

Search results: People looking for something specific (usually high intent too)

Optimising content for search is something very few social media marketers are doing, but it’s the secret trick to not only getting thousands of views, but getting high commercial buyer intent customers seeing your content and brand. Remember they're not coming across you by accident, they're literally searching for your topic, product or brand.

How we ranked 1 on TikTok for our client in the travel space

We found users going to TikTok and searching Newquay or Things To Do Newquay ➡️

Those users look at the highest ranked piece of content for those keywords ➡️

And then persuaded to take action because of it. Stealing mental, and physical awareness and sending users to Google to go buy 🛍

Creating content for all stages of the buying journey is critical and optimising it - it’s realistic to how people search now

Therefore, businesses can make MORE SALES 💰 by...

1️⃣ Producing TikTok content that their target audience is searching for

2️⃣ Become a highly-ranked video for those search terms and target audience

3️⃣ Prove they are the solution for the "search problems"

...okay, but how do I do that?

👉Step 1:

Conduct keyword research to find the top searched for keywords on TikTok in your niche and break it down by intent (informational, conversion etc)

The search volumes in this case:


Tiktok - 57,900 searches peaks in August at 106,000 sv

Google - 54,000 SV peaks in August 100,635 SV

“Things to do in Newquay”

TikTok - 5,200 SV peaks in August 14,200 SV

Google - 5.6K SV peaks in August 12K SV

👉Step 2:

Plan VALUABLE content that answers those "search problems". Can either be from your brand channel or using external creators (we do both)

When planning, think how you can SPEAK the keywords, WRITE the keywords and put the keywords in the CAPTION as much as possible.

👉Step 3:

Optimise the content for SEO, considering where you put keywords and at what point in the video. Also optimise it for FYP, the more views the better the algorithm see’s it as a trusted source to rank on search.

👉Step 4:

Review the data on TikTok analytics. What videos mostly gained views from search, how can you replicate them?

Your content might not "pop off" in the first week or even month, BUT it could slowly accumulate views as people search for a video like yours. You may even notice a low performing video all of a sudden POP off. That’s because of seasonal search, and the algorithm choosing your content as the best answer.

We are the world's leading search first creative agency - we execute content across multi channels realistic to how people now search for clients across retail, beauty, travel, auto, finance, sports, tech and more.