Breaking SEO news - has Google just secretly shown us which 3 social UGC platforms they're giving more weight to in the US SERPS?

Google's new Search Generative Experience is rolling out in the US and has put emphasis on AI and UGC content in recent months. And whilst the SEO industry has focused primarily on AI and how to stay visible, Google has put value and emphasis on 3 social platforms where their rankings on Google SERPS has more than doubled in the last few months.

So many X (Twitter) users have spotted weird and wonderful results, specifically around LinkedIn and written content on UGC social platforms.

E.g Ranking a LinkedIn article for Air Fryer terms

And this for long vs short tail keywords...

Whilst I believe Googles search results are yet to be defined, and do expect this to change - as obviously these arent the best results for that query. This does however, tell us something we should take very seriously. In Googles algorithm which determines rankings and visibility, there is clear weighting towards specific channels.

And I decided to take a quick look to explore it further.

Social Platforms Visibility SKYROCKETING

Reddits visibility on Google according to Sistrix data is skyrocketing faster than any platform

LinkedIn has also seen a huge increase in visibility too

Most expect YouTube, a Google owned platform, to be favoured as a UGC social platform but actually theyre on a steady decline

TikTok has also seen a big increase, and one to watch for YouTube

The social platforms with the growing visibility on Google

1. Reddit

2. TikTok

3. LinkedIn

These platforms are all seeing increasing visibility in Google SERPs. Reddit relies on UGC content to fuel its platform, with data, opinions, insight and debate. Its fast becoming a trusted source by Google for many search queries

TikTok is also rising on Google SERPs, with TikTok SEO becoming the most in demand SEO strategy based on our own search volume data at Rise at Seven. TikTok SEO demand is up 116% in the US, data gathered by us and Glimpse. Brands are seeking content creation to help them rank for keywords on TikTok in a bid to ensure they capture search demand and traffic when users go to TikTok as a platform instead of Google.

Not only that, but to ensure that when Google does show TikTok videos in the Google SERPS, it is content produced by that brand.

It was only in April this year, we was the first search agency to launch into TikTok SEO globally and already scaled this for clients including Dermalogica, Parkdean Resorts, Insinkerator, Getir, and more