The Drum is one of the most high-profile publications in media, digital and marketing - and each year presents its ranking of the best agencies in the country. The rankings include votes by peers (other agency founders) as well as votes by awards judges.

Considering Rise is just three years old, this is the first year our name entered the list as a new starter to the industry. I’m incredibly proud to announce that we’ve landed 3rd on the ‘Most Admired Digital Agency’ category (voted by our peers) alongside Brainlabs and Uncommon.

The Drum said:

“A good reputation can keep an agency in work for years, provide a pipeline to the finest clients and transform your business into a career landmark for the industry’s best minds.

“We wanted to find out which of the UK’s digital agencies were the most respected in the sector – and who better to ask than their competitors and rivals?

“Our peer poll asked survey respondents to name the agencies they most respected (or feared!).

“The agencies at the top of our ranked list received the most votes from their peers, indicating that they’re the most respected agencies in the country.”

And Rise at Seven received among the most votes across the country, coming out at 3rd.

The Drum awards judges also cast votes, and this year we landed 10th on the list. The votes are influenced by the number of awards we won through industry leading work, and we could not be more proud to be featured alongside global advertising agencies including Mother, Adam and Eve, Wunderman and more.


Carrie Rose, CEO and Co-Founder says:

“I think featuring so high on this list, with agencies I look up to, is one of our greatest achievements. This is representative of several large shifts we’re making to scale Rise at Seven to be more sophisticated - through clients and senior hires that fit perfectly.

“I am more excited than ever for our next level of growth and performance and a huge well done to the team for helping us get here!”