Rise at Seven has named Harry Wyld as Growth Marketing Manager for the Rise at Seven group. Wyld was the former Growth Marketing Manager at a full-service B2B agency, MOI Global, specialising in marketing for technology brands.

Wyld’s hire further bolsters the search first agency’s commercial arm. Wyld is responsible for the strategy, coordination and deployment of marketing initiatives to help grow the group’s awareness in the industry and contribute to the overall revenue and commercial success of the agency.

Directly reporting to Karl Loudon, Wyld will provide Rise at Seven's Chief Commercial Officer with a comprehensive overview of essential marketing and growth metrics, with a strong focus on the overall count of inbound enquiries that match our Ideal Customer Profile.

Collaborating closely with Rise at Seven's Client Partner, Nick Le Chat, Wyld will ensure seamless alignment between marketing and sales strategies, fostering an optimal customer experience for prospects engaging with the agency.

Wyld possesses firsthand experience in the intricacies of agency growth, gaining valuable insights into the campaigns and initiatives required to achieve success. During his time as Growth Marketing Manager at MOI, he witnessed the agency’s headcount climb from 70 to 120.

In his previous role, Wyld executed several campaigns and programs to target senior decision-makers within large tech enterprises, raising the profile of MOI and generating additional revenue for the agency as a result.

On his appointment, Harry Wyld as Growth Marketing Manager at Rise at Seven said, “I’m very excited to start my journey at Rise at Seven. The agency has already done such a great job of its own marketing. The personal brand of Carrie and many Risers is so strong. The agency brand has a great social presence too. Rise has built some very strong foundations for me to work with.

“I’ve witnessed substantial growth in my previous agency and I’m grateful for that experience. Now - I’m very much looking forward to bringing my expertise over to Rise. 2024 is going to be a great year, and I can’t wait to see where we can take the Rise brand.”

Karl Loudon, Chief Commercial Officer at Rise at Seven comments “It’s a pleasure to welcome Harry to the team. 2024 is going to be a huge year for the agency. We’re now taking Rise at Seven from start-up mode into scale-up mode and our recent new additions to the business have given me a brilliant finance and operations team to support the commercial team. I’m lucky to have such an open and “ready for this phase” SMT.”

Wyld’s hire forms part of Rise at Seven’s ambitious growth plans following the agency’s recent appointment of Head of Operations, Ryan Mcnamara.