Marketing campaigns are fun to draw inspiration from so we’ve picked our favourites of the month that were able to snatch the spotlight effortlessly. Here’s what we found…

EE - Hope United Squad

Mobile phone network EE has teamed up with a mixed-gender squad of footballers to push back against online misogyny ahead of the Women’s Euros. With some people online discrediting the women's game, the powerful ‘Hope Campaign’ highlights the role of men to act as an ally to women in sport. The message is that it’s ‘not her problem’, and it looks like plenty of people agree - with the hashtag #notherproblem receiving 6.6 million views on TikTok.

Visual Capitalist - Comparing The Cost of Living Around The World

Visual Capitalist has plenty of campaigns that are both extremely informative and visually stunning, and this month is no exception. With prices for different products, rent, and gas soaring in the last year, this campaign compares the cost of living and purchasing power in 578 different cities around the world. Hamilton in Bermuda ranks first on their list, with a cost of living that’s nearly 50% higher than New York’s, while Zurich in Switzerland has a cost of living 30% higher than New York!

Deliveroo - ‘Chipwatch’

As Brits flocked to the beach during the heatwave, Deliveroo swooped in with ‘Chipwatch’ - a mobile detergent crew that ensured a seagull-free experience on the beach. Launching across Brighton beach (22nd July) and Scarborough beach (24th July), Brits will finally be able to enjoy their ice cream or fish and chips in peace without the threat of their meal being robbed.

Zen Business - The Freelancer Pay Gap

After lockdown set a trend known as the great resignation, many high-skilled workers joined the freelance community to supplement their incomes, but who charges the most as a freelancer? It’s fair to say that the gender pay gap isn’t just limited to full-time workers - with male freelancers charging 48% more than women for the equivalent role overall.

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