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Improving the function of our client’s website led to

an impressive 51% increase in conversion rate.

The challenge

Content on was generally slow loading, resulting in a poor user experience and likely a lower conversion rate. In particular, the site’s content was failing for all three Core Web Vitals - part of the page load process that Google thinks have particular potential to frustrate users. This was a threat to organic search visibility, considering Google was rolling out an update in June 2021 to focus on websites’ performance according to these metrics. Rise at Seven was brought in to remedy this problem, and make the user experience better for everyone.

The idea

We wanted to improve the general load speed for the pages that matter most within the website, and the goal was to positively impact both conversion rate and user experience. We approached this in three main phases: auditing the website for issues relating to load speed and categorising them, prioritising the most important pages and meeting with the development team to determine the effort required for each, and finally, implementing the changes alongside the developers.

The results

After the much needed Rise at Seven treatment, the Zita West Clinic website is much smoother and has undergone a thorough user experience improvement. The timings of each Core Web Vital have improved by at least 70%, leading to increased visibility and conversion rate. If you want to get specific, which we always do, the visibility of the site has increased by 60%, and the conversion rate has been improved by 51%.


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in UK visibility


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