Drawing on Tiger King’s fame

to bring in links


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Bader Scott

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JUN 2020

Creating a commercial with a Tiger King star

brought in 20 media placements for Bader Scott

The challenge

US law firm, Bader Scott, wanted on-site content that would drive links internationally on top tier press and chose Rise at Seven for the job. The focus for the project was on personal injury - driving organic rankings.

The idea

We partnered with Saff, of Tiger King fame, to produce a TV commercial showing how an injury at work can impact your life and career. Saff lost his arm in a tiger attack at the zoo he worked at, and this was the first time he’d publically spoken about how it affected him.

One of Bader Scott’s attorneys provided answers to Saff’s story, telling viewers what they should do if they were ever in a similar situation - tigers or not.

We also offered top tier press exclusive interviews with Saff, and did research to show which state’s lost more limbs across the USA.

The results

The campaign got 20 pieces of media coverage, including the likes of People, Yahoo, MSN and UniLad. It positioned Bader Scott as an authority in their industry, with 18 links driving traffic back to their site.

They were baskin in glory.


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