Reacting to marmite

and coming out on top


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Reactive and Newsjacking case studies



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We generated hundreds of likes

by acting fast with Autoglass

The challenge

Marmite had revealed a highly visual stunt, showing their new dynamite chilli flavoured product blowing the lid off their billboard and straight into a car window. People loved it, and it was widely shared on social media.

We wanted a slice of the action.

The idea

We photoshopped an image of an Autoglass van into the original visual, putting a completely different brand at the heart of the conversation. People were already talking about it, we just joined in.

It was no groundbreaking creative. No money was put into it, no press was pushed, and it took half an hour, tops. It was a quick, clever piece of reactive creative, and it got everyone interested.

The results

We started a trend. Soon other brands were adding their own spin to the narrative, turning a Marmite campaign into a social meme.

Our original tweet was retweeted 93 times and picked up 516 likes - nine times more engagement than average, and 170,000 impressions. Over on LinkedIn, we got 40 shares of 45,000 views. But more than that, it got everyone talking. The likes of Lynx, Bovril, Cif and PG Tips all jumped on the replies, creating a conversation seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

What had started out as a clever OOH execution had become something everyone could play with, and it got Autoglass involved without them spending a single penny.






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