Promoting the new PS5 with our

Search for the Shapes campaign


Project type

creative campaign case studies


GAME x Sony

Live date

NOV 2020

A Playstation campaign that generated

£251k in revenue from assisted sales

The challenge

With the launch of the new PlayStation console, GAME and Playstation wanted to create hype around the product. Through digital PR and social media, the goal was to generate as much buzz as possible, and get people excited - enough to purchase the console upon launch.

Stock was low and demand was through the roof. We had to cut through all the noise.

The idea

We made a virtual Easter egg hunt on the GAME website, giving successful hunters the chance to win one of 100 Playstation prizes. To drive people to get involved, our in-house creative team created a suite of content, including a hero video, a dedicated landing page, and various clue-filled GIFs to be used on social media.

We hid the Easter eggs on 5 different product pages to entice customers into making a purchase. The hunt was set. We dropped the Easter eggs on social on five different days. Every time we did, we watched traffic spike in real time. People were on the hunt. Run rabbit, run.

The results

This. Went. Cray. The social hype alone was insane, with people desperate to know the day’s latest clue. Throughout the campaign, we achieved 1.99 million social impressions, 294k social engagements, 252k video views, and an overall reach of 4.37 million.

And that was just on one platform.

49,794 people entered the competition, while the campaign drove 320k page views - 26% had never visited the site before. Web traffic spiked three times more than usual, and led to over a quarter of a million pounds in assisted revenue.

Our campaign received 51 separate pieces of coverage on publications such as The Sun, Metro, and ScreenRant, 47 of which were linked. This grew into one of the most engaged with campaigns GAME had ever run. Everyone was on the hunt for the new Playstation, and we were the only ones who could help them find it.

We won a UK Content Award, two Global Content Awards and a CMA Award. We were helping people win games and ourselves win gold.


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